why choose an oahu photographer?


The wedding day is full of family, friends, smiles, and making memories. After months of careful planning and choosing tropical and exotic Hawaii as the backdrop, brides deserve photos that perfectly capture the beauty of the location.

So what is a planning bride and groom to do?

Investing in a photographer with years of experience and familiarity with the landscape will enhance every photo. At Love Records Collective, brides will have peace of mind the day of the wedding knowing that her photographer is ready to make the most of their special venue. Each photographer at Love Records Collective is dedicated to creating a special and unique record of the couple’s special day that can be passed down for years to come.

Each Oahu photographer:


  • Has plenty of experience: The bride and groom can rest easy knowing that each Oahu photographer at Love Records Collective has years of experience with professional photography. This is not their first Hawaiian destination wedding so they are adaptable, attentive, and creative. With years of experience, these photographers know the best places and times of day to get stunning pictures.

  • Has their own unique style: Each couple has their own unique love story and our Oahu photographers want to reflect that. Love Records Collective understands each bride and groom have an authentic flair that our photographers want to stay true to. So whether the couple prefers natural lighting or a studio touch, candid moments or directed posing, our photographers are there to capture every beautiful moment.

  • Has respect for Hawaii: Planning a Hawaiian destination wedding can make it difficult to pinpoint the right photographer. At Love Records Collective, each photographer has a respect and passion for Oahu. Their love of and experience with the Hawaiian landscape translates into every photo of the wedding, making each picture unique and moving.

When planning a Hawaiian wedding, it is essential to invest in a photographer that knows and loves the area in order to get the best photographs. Each Love Records Collective destination wedding photographer is a sucker for love and is determined to make the most of every couple’s wedding day. Check out the full list of Oahu photographers today.