Jen + Steve. Lone Tree Ranch

"I first met Jen and Steve out for happy hour in the city. They'd just been awarded the wedding give-a-way and while I'm always eager to meet new clients, I was feeling especially giddy. I knew immediately we had a genuine connection, the way you know when you like a song in the first few seconds. They were grounded, had happy eyes, and vocalized their gratefulness. "No." I replied, "I'm the one who is grateful - for it's immensely rewarding to find clients who are kindred spirits." Their wedding was as easy-going and fun loving as they are. They were able to do what I wish for all couples - to be themselves and present enough to soak in the joy around them. Their love and their family's joy were so visually evident, photographing them felt as natural as ever. They reminded me what being in love feels like - and for that, I'll forever be grateful."