Greer + Will. Kailua, Oahu

"I had been looking forward to shooting Greer and Will's wedding ever since I received their handpainted invitation in the mail. Greer watercolored the view from the house they would be married: tall, green Olomana peak on one side, with a lush jungle valley below-my dream Hawaiian wedding setting. When I arrived to the wedding that day, the view was even more stunning than I imagined, and the house felt like I had walked onto the set of a Mad Men episode-cue a martini at the tiki bar, and Don Draper breezing through the door..a gal can dream! This classic Hawaiian estate was the childhood home of Will's mother, and there could not have been a more perfect place to celebrate love-Hawaiian backyard style. 

And of course, there was Greer+Will! Anytime a bride is going barefoot, you know it's going to be a good time! These two lovebirds cared so deeply about their guests enjoying themselves, and were clearly so thrilled to share this special place with all of them. It was beyond fun to be a part of this intimate, heartfelt celebration underneath the stunning peaks of the Windward range. Enjoy!"